Engine service for fuel efficiency and smooth running

Your car engine has a lot of components. It contains belts, spark plugs, gaskets, and more. These components all work together to keep the engine running smoothly. Regular inspections of your engine can spot danger and wear before they stop your car in the middle of nowhere. Even if your cars minor issue turns major, we can fix it.


Serviced brakes make you safe

Noisy brakes, worn brake pads, or breaks that pull the car to the side can cause an accident and fail an MOT inspection. Don’t take risks with your safety. Get your brakes inspected before something serious happens. We do hundreds of brake repairs every year on all makes and models. Our service includes brake fluid flushing, pad and shoe replacement, rotor and drum machining or replacement, and hydraulic component diagnosis.


Tire and wheel alignment check

Having your wheels aligned can help save money on fuel and components such as your suspension and tires. This is due to the components being worn excessively or unevenly as the wheels are not aligned. This causes stress to components and wears the tires in an uneven manner. Call us for a detailed tire and wheel alignment check.


Clutch servicing

If a clutch issue is diagnosed early, it can prevent further damage to your vehicle. This may vary depending on whether the mechanism, clutch fluid, clutch plate, flywheel or clutch cable needs replacing. Our expert technicians will advise you on what components of your clutch need repairs or replacing and then carry out the necessary remedies for you.


Exhaust system servicing

Your car’s exhaust system has several components that reduce noise and harmful emissions produced by the engine. If one of the components fails it can affect your fuel mileage, create a lot of noise, and raise a big stink. From exhaust and muffler repair and maintenance through to installing a new performance exhaust system, you’ll find that we have all your exhaust system needs covered.