Maintain your cars warranty and its value

To keep your new car in warranty it does not have to go to the manufacturer for service work. It can come to us. We are a VAT registered business and use original equipment specification parts, so your warranty will not be affected. We will reset your service indicator if fitted and stamp the service book to help maintain your records and your cars resale value. An area of misconception are the longer service intervals being recommended for new cars. Yes, oil technology has advanced, but so has the demand being placed on it. We advise no more than 10,000 miles between services. Vehicles going past this level will reduce in efficiency as well as increasing wear rates. Filters can become blocked, and wear in the other components, mainly, steering, suspension, tires, and brakes, will get past the point of early detection. At our car repair, you can trust us for all your car servicing needs.

Our comprehensive car repair guarantee

Car services will vary depending on the age of your vehicle. It normally includes changing the engine oil and oil filter, and may also include replacing the spark plugs, anti-freeze engine coolant, brake fluid, or power steering fluid. During the service, we also check for any additional issues, and if we find that further rectification is needed, we always contact you first. These checks usually apply to safety critical items such as tires and brakes. We never carry out unnecessary work and when we finish a car repair, we will keep all the old parts for your inspection.

Car body repairs

Most car body repair work takes 2-3 days, which can be inconvenient for a family and people who need their vehicle for work. We can provide you with a loan car free of charge when your car is being repaired. We seek your approval on all repairs to ensure no work is carried out without your consent. If you need your car inspected, bring it to us and we’ll look at it in detail and give you an honest, no obligation free quote.